Parade Home 2014

P.E.T.E.S. is very proud to be a part of the 2014 Parade of Homes build for the Edgell Family. Please like us on Facebook and follow the Friday posts about the project. Then make sure you come out to MBIA Parade of Homes in September.



Meet 7 yr old Emily Edgell. She was born with some pretty signifcant special needs. P.E.T.E.S. is excited to be “Smart Wiring” her new home (Parade of Homes 2014) to fit her needs. It will also help her and her family communicate, control her environment (ie: lighting, sound, TV and call systems) all at a touch of a button. Stay Tuned every Friday to learn about each WOW factor component! — Jennifer Fritz-Edgell 1/17/2014.



Picture of the Pre-wire walk thru for the Parade of Homes 2014 with Jennifer Fritz Edgell, Brian Kirscher, and Don Verity – Jennifer Fritz Edgell 1/03/2014

Much of the systems you will be previewing in these posts will run on wireless technology. This makes these systems very flexible to adjust to the needs of the family as they understand the technology better and allow for changes or additions when the children get older. However pre-wiring is very important to create the backbone and save money in the overall budget of the product by allowing some things to communicate over cables.


The home will have a simple to use Control4 home automation system that will give the potential for unlimited control of lights, cameras, music, TVs, thermostat, security systems and more. In this home we will be designing it to work for Emily’s special needs by giving control of her room’s music, TV, and lights. As well as cameras to monitor her behaviors or simply see who is at the front door. In the coming weeks we will pick apart each system to give you a closer view of the individual pieces that will make life in the new home a dream. – Jennifer Fritz Edgell 1/24/2014

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