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IP Camera

Posted: Monday, December 9th, 2013




Need help keeping an eye on something? A camera system can be a great deterrent and indisputable way to win an argument. A whole system may be overkill, expensive, or too low a quality to be able to see or identify what is going on. The IP camera solution allows you to put  a camera on a network to be able to view it on a computer or even broadcast it onto the web so you can see it off site. There are plenty of IP cameras that do not need any kind of external recorder at all. It’s a simple solution to see when the kids are really coming home, what animals are living in your garage, or who may be vandalizing your property.

Surveillance systems can give you piece of mind, give you the ability to be in two or three or more places at ones, or just allow you to see how things are going while you are away. There are several different types and specifications that would you would want to consider. We do systems for business to watch over troublesome client or staff, cover blind spots, get a image of all that enter, and just an over watch to document how something truly occurred.

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The Hazards of Aluminum Wiring

Posted: Thursday, July 1st, 2010

During the mid 60’s to early 70’s (65-73) approximately 1.5 million houses in the United States were wired with aluminum rather than copper.  This was done because of a price spike in copper during the mid 60’s.  This wiring has been linked to many fires because of faulty aluminum wires since that time.  According to studies conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, houses wired with aluminum are 55 times more likely to have a connection that reach a fire hazard.  We see quite a bit of aluminum wiring in Montana and in a recent visit to an aluminum wired house saw multiple burned  outlets caused by bad aluminum connections. This prompted us to write this article to educate our customers on the risks involved with aluminum wiring. (more…)

Extend Your Cell Phone Signal

Posted: Monday, June 14th, 2010

Have you ever had cell phone signal issues?  Living in Montana, I am sure you have?  Many consumers living in more rural areas are certain to have cell signal issues at their homes and many of you are familiar with loosing signal consistently while traveling from town to town in Montana.  I know when I had car problems a few years ago, I had to walk down the side of the highway and find a spot where I received signal and then make sure not to move while on the call otherwise I lost my signal and my call.  In today’s world, the ability to stay in touch is more and more important. (more…)

Power of One Article from Western Montana In Business Monthly

Posted: Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

With our services we have became a “one stop shop” for our clients.  You can now get all your electric services needs fulfilled under one roof, without multiple contractors on site.  This allows you to save time and money. Recently Lori Grannis, a freelance writer for the Missoulian wrote an article for the June Western Montana In Business Monthly about how we have grown into a company where all these services are available under one roof.  The article called “Power of One – P.E.T.E.S. diversification puts every imaginable electric service under one roof for seemless integration.” can be viewed through the link below.

Power of One Article


Save Money With Lutron Light & Shade Control for Your Home

Posted: Monday, May 24th, 2010

Whether you’re looking for solutions for a single room, multiple rooms or interested in controlling the light throughout your home with a light control system, Lutron gives you the freedom to personalize your light in any space. Seamlessly integrate electric light and daylight with Lutron shading solutions.  P.E.T.E.S. has invested time and money to become Lutron Homeworks and RadioRA2 certified and is one of the only dealers in the Missoula market that holds these certifications, ensuring that the system is put together properly and unnecessary time and money is not passed on to you the homeowner.  So not only will we save you money on the install and programming, the system will save you money year after year. (more…)

Setting High Standards for Ourselves

Posted: Friday, May 14th, 2010

Since 1979 we have been setting Montana’s standard for  providing exceptional service, inexpensively, and in a timely manner.  Over the past decade, we have embraced an attitude of innovation and growth and have expanded our offerings.  We realize that in today’s world you need to change with the times and adopt new opportunities as they arise.  We work on anything electrical in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting.  (more…)