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I Want My Custom Home Theater To Do Everything!

Posted: Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

A Series on Home A/V

By Nick Brigulio

Custom Home Theater can be tricky.  What kind of TV do I want?  Do I even want a TV or would a High Definition projector be better for my theater?  What kind of DVD player or receiver.  Do I need an amp?  What is the difference between an amp and a receiver?  This is just the beginning of what starts to swirl through my head as I think of all the different ways to accomplish my goal.  The most ultimate home theater on the block!  A place to watch Monday night football with the boys.  Or watch a race and hear the roar of NASCAR on my surround sound.  I want a place where my wife can curl up in a blanket with just me and a bag of popcorn to watch her favorite documentary.  Or have all her friends over for one of her Desperate Housewives get-togethers.  I dream of a theater that will shock and awe while it entertains my friends and family in the comfort of my home.  Slap a PS3 or XBOX 360 in the mix and it’s the ultimate gaming experience.  Not to mention the internet, Facebook, YouTube and Hulu all at my fingertips.  There are just so many possibilities.  A great home theater room can be an experience on many levels, if it’s done right.  So, how do you do it right?  As I mentioned at the beginning of this article there is a plethora of equipment that can be bought.  Not to mention the décor.  Lighting and furniture can also be a big influence on the experience. (more…)

Extend Your Cell Phone Signal

Posted: Monday, June 14th, 2010

Have you ever had cell phone signal issues?  Living in Montana, I am sure you have?  Many consumers living in more rural areas are certain to have cell signal issues at their homes and many of you are familiar with loosing signal consistently while traveling from town to town in Montana.  I know when I had car problems a few years ago, I had to walk down the side of the highway and find a spot where I received signal and then make sure not to move while on the call otherwise I lost my signal and my call.  In today’s world, the ability to stay in touch is more and more important. (more…)

Power of One Article from Western Montana In Business Monthly

Posted: Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

With our services we have became a “one stop shop” for our clients.  You can now get all your electric services needs fulfilled under one roof, without multiple contractors on site.  This allows you to save time and money. Recently Lori Grannis, a freelance writer for the Missoulian wrote an article for the June Western Montana In Business Monthly about how we have grown into a company where all these services are available under one roof.  The article called “Power of One – P.E.T.E.S. diversification puts every imaginable electric service under one roof for seemless integration.” can be viewed through the link below.

Power of One Article


Google TV – The Future is Now

Posted: Monday, May 24th, 2010

Google TV is finally here.  Starting in the fall there will be set top boxes made by Logitech and Sony that have Google TV built in.  So now, rather than just using your TV for video, it opens up a whole new spectrum of what will be available.  You will have the ability to watch TV shows on demand, you tube, videos, search the web for articles and news, play games online, or even start a picture slideshow viewer.  The options will certainly be endless and  it will be a very valid and successful endeavor, they have already signed 3 major networks to deliver content and actual release is months away. (more…)

Control4 Home Control is Everyday Easy

Posted: Monday, May 24th, 2010

Home control is much more than a universal remote, or smart lighting. Home control is technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home – through one easy-to-use interface. At P.E.T.E.S, we believe that life’s better when everything works together.  P.E.T.E.S. is your local partner in the Missoula market for Control4, ask us how to make your life easier today without breaking the bank. (more…)

Setting High Standards for Ourselves

Posted: Friday, May 14th, 2010

Since 1979 we have been setting Montana’s standard for  providing exceptional service, inexpensively, and in a timely manner.  Over the past decade, we have embraced an attitude of innovation and growth and have expanded our offerings.  We realize that in today’s world you need to change with the times and adopt new opportunities as they arise.  We work on anything electrical in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting.  (more…)