Google TV – The Future is Now

Google TV is finally here.  Starting in the fall there will be set top boxes made by Logitech and Sony that have Google TV built in.  So now, rather than just using your TV for video, it opens up a whole new spectrum of what will be available.  You will have the ability to watch TV shows on demand, you tube, videos, search the web for articles and news, play games online, or even start a picture slideshow viewer.  The options will certainly be endless and  it will be a very valid and successful endeavor, they have already signed 3 major networks to deliver content and actual release is months away.

The real advantage of Google TV is that it is built on an open platform which makes it very easy for developers to create applications that could be loaded onto your TV.  The operating system that Google TV runs on is Google’s Android platform.  This is the same system that has been so successful with the Droid phones that released shortly before Christmas last year.  It is truly amazing how many applications have been created (over 10,000) in such a short time and how much functionality they have added.

We already know that the average American spends quite a bit of time in front of the TV daily, however many people are now accessing content either through their phones or on their computer.  The reason they have to do this is because the TV could not supply internet information.  That is, until now, Google TV will add a lot of convenience to your lives and allow you to access it all in one place.

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