We have been setting Montana’s standard for providing exceptional service, inexpensively, in a timely manner.  We have embraced an attitude of innovation and growth and have expanded our offerings.  We realize that in today’s world you need to change with the times and adopt new opportunities as they arise.  We work on anything electrical in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting.  Over the years we have really built a reputation of doing quality work and we our experienced to do any job large or small.  Many people often mistake us for being too big to do electrical work at their home residence.  That is simply not the case, we are here to serve all of Western Montana’s electrical needs.


As an electrical contractor, we are aware of  the environmental impact that disposing of fluorescent and other electrical waste has on the environment.  Here at PETES Electric we are environmentally conscious and are the universal waste disposal pioneers within Montana.  We have been doing electronic and lamp recycling since 1998, long before the term “green” ever existed.  We’d like you to think “blue” We are committed to helping build a better future for all Montanans.  We also believe in being involved in the local community and are actively involved with many non-profit organizations throughout the state.

We recently, put more focus on the Home Theater and Whole Home  Audio/Video sector of the business.  We felt this was a natural fit because you could get all your electrical and electronics needs in one place from a company that you trust.  All the necessary wiring is done by our expert staff of electricians, so rest assured you won’t have a beginner in your home or office.  This is really important because an experienced electrician witll save you time and money because it will take them less time to get the project done and they won’t leave a bunch of unnecessary repair work to deal with after they are gone.

Payment due upon receipt of invoice.